Outdoor Kitchens

Out Back can help you enhance your outdoor living space with premium outdoor kitchens and high-quality grills. Our selection is curated for esthetics, durability, and high performance. Create an outdoor living space that will allow you to show off your culinary skills while entertaining your friends and family. Here are some of the top-quality brands we partner with.

Kitchens from Urban Bonfire

Compatible with all major outdoor cooking equipment brands and quality domestic manufacturing, Urban Bonfire is the market leader. Urban Bonfire has a wide range of functional and aesthetic outdoor kitchen options. Each designed to maximize storage and entertainment spaces while offering a wide range of material, color and finishing choices.  

Kamado Joe Grill

Kamado Joe set a new high standard of craftsmanship and innovation. Kamado Joe is the perfect tool for typical backyard grilling and smoking. An ancient, Asian-style grill, the kamado is a thick-walled cooker that imparts a rich, smoky flavor to meats, fish, and vegetables. Relatively unchanged for centuries, air flows through the grill’s ceramic body and out its vented dome, chunk charcoal comes to life as smoke and heat.

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