If you’re looking for the best outdoor pizza oven Grand Rapids Mi, you found it. Wood and Gas-fired pizza ovens. Alfa ovens are made for those who love the traditional taste and want to try a real superior cooking experience. Thanks to FORNINOX technology that combines a refractory floor and stainless steel (1/10 in thick) structure, our pizza ovens are ready to use after unpacking, and you don’t have to do hard building works. Enjoy cooking, grilling, and baking your food in a wood-fired oven. Find out our yummy recipes and have more fun in your garden with a unique product for bbq, grill, pizza, roasts, and desserts. Alfa is the worldwide leader in manufacturing residential wood and gas-fired ovens for backyards and kitchens.

These are the outdoor pizza ovens Grand Rapids Mi has been looking for. Stop in today take a look.

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