What Style of Wooden Fence Should I Choose for My Backyard?

You’ve decided on a wooden fence for your home, that much is certain. Maybe you enjoy nostalgic scent of cedar on a warm summer night, or love the fact that wood harkens back to the old days of classic Americana. Either way, you’ve made an excellent decision (though, maybe not the easiest one as far as maintenance is concerned).

Now all that’s left is to pick a style of outdoor fencing that fits your aesthetic taste and meets your goals as a homeowner. But as you continue down your journey, you’re sure to find an almost-endless slew of design differences. The myriad possibilities can make it hard for any homeowner to choose the perfect fence. Rest assured, there’s a fence style that suits your wants and desires.

Keep reading to discover the most popular fencing styles, and what makes each one unique.

Split-Rail Fences

Maybe the least “fence-like” of the choices we’ve listed here, split-rail fencing consists of rough-hewn or weathered beams that are interlaced through holes bored into rounded posts. You’ve likely seen these on ranches and pastoral stretches of agrarian land, where they originated before the Civil War. If you plan on having a more rustic look in the backyard, and don’t mind the lack of privacy, split-rail just might be the ticket.

Picket Fences

This style, commonly associated with the post-war suburban boom, is distinguished by its pointed, vertical boards. These boards (called, lo and behold, pickets) are attached to horizontal rails. Picket fences don’t offer privacy, though they do serve to restrict young children and pets from exiting front yards and entering traffic-laden streets.

Lattice Fences

Lattice panels are often employed in outdoor fencing to fashion a sophisticated experience. Lattice fences can be constructed with top and bottom rails for a breezy look, or with their lattice paneling relegated to serving as a decorative element across the top.

Post-And-Rail Fences

Also known as postmodern fencing, this style is a modern update on the vintage split-rail fencing addressed above. Post-and-rail fences typically employ a three-rail design and feature heavy-duty square posts. While not as bucolic as a split-rail fence, a post-and-rail fence will share some of the same “Southern Gothic” charm.

Semi-Private Fences

Not concerned about the neighbors next door? Semi-private fences alternate the width of each picket, maintaining a gap between the two styles of posts. This process imbues your fencing with the added effect of dimensionality, while also providing much-needed visual flair.

Convex Fences

An attractive and playful option that won’t break the bank, convex fencing is a variation of the iconic privacy fence. Instead of a squared-off top however, this style showcases a rounded, convex top that resembles a wave rolling between each vertical post.

Stockade Fences

A stockade fence is a wooden privacy fence with thin pickets. The pickets of a stockade fence are jagged on top, deterring any potential home invaders from hopping into your backyard on a whim. If security is your number-one concern, but you still abhor the look of a chain-link fence, this style is a great looking compromise.

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