Outdoor Rugs: What They Are and Why You Need Them Yesterday

As you’d expect, both indoor and outdoor area rugs serve a wide variety of purposes – from aesthetic charm to floor protection. Sure, there are a few overlapping similarities between the two (namely that they’re rectangular, textile floor coverings). But when it comes to exterior furnishings, outdoor rugs are a whole different beast.

Exposed to the elements, an outdoor area rug must resist harsh winds, sudden thunderstorms, and heat. Not only that, but mildew and mold can be a cause for concern in humid climates. So, what is it about outdoor rugs that makes them better-suited to their al fresco environment? Well, let’s go over what outdoor rugs are, and why you shouldn’t just roll your priceless indoor rug onto the patio deck.

What makes an outdoor area rug different from a regular one?

Just like a typical stretch of carpet, outdoor rugs can have intricate patterns, stripes, smooth pile, and exotic hand knotting. When it comes to beauty, no compromise is made for the sake of durability, longevity, or weather-resistance. That’s right – you can have your cake and eat it, too.

Most outdoor rugs are constructed from tightly-woven synthetic materials, such as polypropylene, as opposed to wool. This prevents the rug from absorbing water and becoming a breeding ground for mold or mildew. Even in the indoor rug market, wool and wool-blends are perceived as an expensive, luxurious, and rarely-used option; so, chances are, you’ve already had a little experience with synthetic carpet.

Also, many outdoor rugs feature a flatweave, a style of weaving accomplished via interlocking warp and weft threads. The weave ensures that the rug will maintain its shape, even in the face of high foot traffic and bad weather. Flatweave carpets shed less in general, so you won’t need to worry about sweeping up the disintegrating remains of your favorite rug either.

Why do I need an outdoor rug then?

Good question. Although much of this comes down to personal taste, here are a few reasons why you should make outdoor rugs part of your outdoor furniture collection:

  • They pull seating areas together and unify space.
  • Spill-prone? Outdoor rugs can protect beautiful floors.
  • Scuffs and scratches be gone.

Do you have aluminum chairs with abrasive furniture legs? Though wood and stone surfaces are designed to be durable, you could be damaging your outdoor investment every time you sit down to eat. A rug will defend against scrapes and dents, sparing you the not-so-fashionable alternative of putting rubber pads on your chairs’ feet.

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