Make Your Backyard Measure Up to a Basketball Gym

March Madness is winding down, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep the competition going with your own basketball goal system at home. But how do you find the right fit for your backyard, driveway, pool, or garage?

Before you go out purchasing a portable basketball hoop or getting a professional installation done, it’s important to map out a full-court strategy. Space, number of players, weather, budget, and your lifestyle, all drastically affect what type of basketball goal you’ll be satisfied with.

Don’t shoot an airball: Know the terminology first

Before we get into the court variables that’ll allow you to form a game plan, let’s talk about what we mean when we say, “basketball goal system.” Basketball goals and hoops are often used interchangeably, but make no mistake: basketball hoops refer to the rings themselves, while basketball goals encompass the entire scoring system – backboard, rim, net, extension arm, and sometimes pole.

Turns out that basketball hoops have become a thing called a synecdoche (when a reference to a part of something becomes synonymous with the whole). You won’t need to know that term to make the best decision for your driveway or backyard, however. Just keep in mind that hoops also refer to the dinghy rim and backboard combos that are made for kids and screwing around at the office.

Which type of basketball goal system should I choose?

  1. In-ground basketball goals are the most stable – and the most permanent.Sticking around your home for a while, or don’t mind raising the value of your property? In-ground basketball goals are one of the longer-lasting solutions to bringing the game to your backyard.Obviously, in-ground basketball systems are not going to get up and walk off in the middle of the night, but they require a fairly hefty commitment: plenty of concrete to be laid – 540 pounds of it, to be exact; a longer installation time; and a higher cost. All that said, there’s something satisfying about slam-dunking on an in-ground system and hanging there while the pole’s vibrations reverberate through your arms. If you’re the competitive type, be prepared to make opponents jealous.
  2. Mounted basketball goals can fit almost anywhere.These goal systems are more dynamic, unlike in-ground hoop systems. They can be mounted to the side of the house, above the garage, or inside if you’d prefer. Court size becomes a customizable factor as well.Mounted basketball hoops are semi-permanent, meaning that once they are mounted, you’ll need a professional to uninstall your system. The main advantage of mounted basketball goals is that you won’t need large amounts of concrete, nor will you have to tunnel a deep hole in the ground. As a result, you can spend less time thinking about placement, and more time on the court.
  3. Portable basketball goals can be stored for the season.These are stand-alone units that include a base with wheels, pole with adjustable bracket, backboard, and rim. Because of their height adjustment capabilities and their instability with heavier players, they’re often chosen for children learning to play.The base of the system can be filled with sand or water for added stability.
  4. Goalsetter basketball systems combine the best of both worlds.Height adjustment, tempered glass, in-ground pole anchors, easy installation. How do you fit all these aspects into one basketball goal system without compromises? The Goalsetter Signature Series, that’s how.Goalsetter basketball goals are mounted in-ground like the standard anchored system. However, they do not require a direct bury method, nor do they suffer from the instability of a J-bolt assembly. What does that mean for you? Installation can be done at home, without professional assistance, and without large amounts of concrete.Goalsetter systems operate on an H-bracket, allowing for height adjustments from six feet to ten feet. So, if you’re searching for something you can set up for the kids, and then readjust for your hard-playing friends on the weekend, look no further.

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