Five Must-See Tips on Choosing Outdoor Patio Furniture

Let’s face it: when it comes to selecting the right outdoor furniture, sources of frustration abound. Arguing with your significant other over chair placement, compromising on style choices, or even finding a way to get everything delivered; these aggravating trivialities can begin to overwhelm you – if you let them.

But there’s something highly rewarding about turning your patio into an alfresco living room. Captivating outdoor furniture can offer the coziness of a family living space, along with the freedom of the great outdoors during the summer months. Not to mention any furnishing experience is an opportunity to exercise your creativity and express your personality. Eventually, you’ll have something to pass on to your children, preserving cherished memories of spring barbecues and nightly picnics.

Let’s explore a few tips to take into consideration when purchasing your patio furniture, so you can avoid the heartache and pitfalls many backyard owners encounter.

1.) Take Your Seating for a Test Drive

Most of your time spent in the patio will be relaxing, so make it comfortable! Consider how long you’ll be sitting in your chairs, sofa, or benches. If you plan on hosting an all-day event or holding night-long celebrations, you might want to purchase furniture with high-quality, outdoor fabric and cushioned seating.

If possible, sit in the chair before you make a purchase. Out Back Casual Living has a showroom where you can compare and contrast the comfort of different furniture items side-by-side.

2.) Weather Can Make or Break Your Furniture Set

Do you live in a temperate climate with plenty of sun, or a humid climate next to the beach? How often does it rain or snow? These are the kinds of question you’ll want to ask yourself as you whittle down your list of furniture contenders.

But why? Well, not everything is impervious to adverse weather conditions. Various woods will crack in an arid, high-temperature climate, while wicker will break down under constant moisture and precipitation. Aluminum is light, so if you live near an area that receives many thunderstorms, hurricanes, or tornadoes, any aluminum chairs, chaises, or side tables could blow away in the wind.

Generally, metal, teak, and cedar furnishings are the most durable patio fixtures.

3.) Measure the Pros and Cons of Different Materials

This goes hand-in-hand with the meteorological factors we discussed above, but there’s more to it than that. Think about the amount of care required for something like mahogany, as opposed to wrought iron. There’s finish, grain, and wood rot to worry about, among other things.

Of course, it will be more work to keep something like mahogany or wicker in a healthy, vibrant state. But if you love the look of these materials, it might be a small price to pay for your dream patio.

4.) Know the Dos and Don’ts of Color Choice

It’s tempting to go off the deep-end of color scheme and grab the most garish of outdoor furniture. And we understand this notion – you aren’t limited to natural shades of wood, the drab, gunmetal gray of unfinished aluminum, or the standard beige of a wicker chair.

You might want to relegate these bold choices to accent pieces and cushions though, if you want something that looks fresh, season-round. Nature already has a palette of color, so why not complement it with earthy greens, lush purples, and turquoise hues? Have everything else in between take a step back with neutral colors, so the louder ones can take center stage.

5.) Pick the Right Location

Is there a canopy of trees somewhere overhead in your backyard? Use that to your advantage. You may not need an umbrella or a patterned shade if you have enough natural foliage above.

Materials will factor into this decision as well. Soft woods, such as pine or spruce, should not be placed in grassy areas which are exposed to the elements. The wood will draw moisture out of the ground and into the chair itself, accelerating rot and breakdown.

For a great selection of outdoor furniture, check out our Patio Furniture Portfolio at Out Back Casual Living & Fence in Grand Rapids, MI.

On the porch or the patio, next to the pool or even down a small garden path, let Out Back Casual Living create a cozy retreat where you and your family can relax and enjoy the beauty all around you. We offer the latest designs in patio furniture, so you can be sure you’re getting something trendy and affordable. For more information, visit our website today.

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